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Ness Valley is part of the Williamson Group/Williamson Foodservice who have been supplying the north of Scotland’s hospitality, catering and retail sector with fine food and drink for over 60 years.

Ness Valley was initially a local response to the emerging COVID-19 situation. It helps people in the Highlands and Islands to get grocery deliveries direct to their door or pick up locally at a safe, central and accessible location in Inverness if they prefer. We also aim to deliver to locally set up community groups around the Highlands. We already supply to many local shops/convenience stores around the area.

If you live in Inverness and the surrounding areas you should use the logging on BROWSE / SHOP NOW link at If you experience a problem our lines are open Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 9am-noon, Sun 1pm-5pm. You can choose to have your order delivered to your home or use our 'click and collect' service to pick your order up from our premises at 5 Walker Road, Inverness, IV1 1TD.

If you live outside Inverness and the surrounding areas you should firstly check if there is a retail shop/convenience store or a community drop off point near to where you live. If there is a shop you should try there first and if there is a local drop-off point you should call 01463 242424 to get set up and we’ll take it from there. Check the areas we support here.

The Ness Valley ordering system uses an e-commerce solution that was primarily designed for a wholesale/trade business. We rapidly re-designed it for consumer/general public use in light of COVID-19. With this in mind, product descriptions can sometimes describe full cases and box sizes when items are in fact priced individually ie ‘each’ or as ‘single’ etc. Other items like, for example baked potatoes, may be described as 40’s or 50’s – this is merely the size of a potato, so a 40 is bigger than a 50.

Furthermore, logging on and ordering is slightly different to traditional online ordering platforms. If you have any questions, please call us on 01463 242424. You can be assured that your payment details are 100% secure. We would ask you to keep the above in mind as we have launched Ness Valley as an alternative way of shopping locally, safely, and securely – both now and in the longer term. Please join us on our journey!

We have long standing relationships with nearly 200 local, regional, national and international suppliers of food and drink. We buy significant volumes of fruit and vegetables from local farmers but have arrangements with some of the biggest producers from other parts of the UK as well as continental Europe. Household names like Unilever to local producers like Connage Cheese just outside Inverness are examples.

We have offered this service in a very short space of time and with that comes some minor compromises. Given the current COVID-19 ‘Stay at Home’ arrangements we are confident those ordering will be at home! It also keeps costs down and allows us to get our lovely food and drink out to you as quickly as possible in best condition!

Yes, we have an excellent reputation for timely deliveries and our drivers are very experienced. If you think you live in a tricky location where our drivers might struggle to find you, please explain this to our staff. We aim to deliver next day for items in stock and within 48 hours for those that are special delivery. This ensures maximum shelf life.

We recommend the system for giving us exact delivery locations. 

We aim to delivery next day if orders are with us by 1pm. A delivery can take an extra 24 hours if it contains goods that are not in stock. This helps us to deliver the freshest goods to you. 

We follow strict procedures in terms of the storage and handling of the food we sell. Chilled products are kept in temperature controlled environments at our main headquarters in Inverness and our fleet of 40 modern delivery vehicles maintain the refrigerated chain until your goods are delivered or picked up. We have decades of experience in the storage and delivery of perishable goods.
During the current COVID-19 situation the supply of food and drink has been unpredictable and/or sporadic at times. However, the solid relationships we have with our suppliers should ensure a plentiful supply of most goods. If we run out, we will add a replacement if it is suitable and we would ask you to be as flexible as possible on this if you can. If we don’t have a substitution there obviously won’t be any charge. However, if we do, the price may go down or up accordingly. We will try to limit any increase as much as possible.

You will be charged at checkout on the Williamson web portal. Once your order has been made up and if any differences or shortages exist we will refund using the card you paid with. The accompanying invoice will reflect this.  If you think the cost of your shopping is incorrect, please call us on 01463 242424 and if an error has been made we will refund your card accordingly.

In the Inverness area, we will deliver your shopping using our own temperature controlled delivery vehicles. If you have a safe place to deliver please mark this on your notes. Due to COVID-19 guidelines, our delivery driver will maintain a 2 metre distance from you and anyone else in your household. In turn, to keep our drivers as safe as possible, we would ask you to respectfully please ensure other people and young children in particular maintain this distance too. Furthermore, in order to maintain these principles of social distancing we will not ask you to sign or pay for anything on delivery.

If you choose to pick up your order at a pre-described time from our depot at 5 Walker Road, Longman Industrial Estate, Inverness, IV1 1TD please have your order confirmation number ready and again to ensure the best principles of social distancing that you remain at all times in your vehicle. A member of staff will retrieve your order and place it in the boot of your vehicle.

Yes you can collect during our morning collection window (9am to 11am) however we would recommend that before you do this, you investigate whether there are any local retailer or community locations in your area who may be more conveniently placed to serve you. Please check our website for up to date information about these options. The principles of social distancing and staying at home should always be adhered to in light of the COVID-19 situation.

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